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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: Db bean issue
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 17:19:47 GMT

Juozas is indeed glueing the exellent SimpleStore library into one or
more of the examples for EOB. One small correction it is AltRMI not ARMI
that is the underlying RMI-less transport:

SimpleStore :
AltRMI :
Enterprise Object Broker :

- Paul

>We are working on simplestore in commons, it kind of "Transparent Persitence"
>ARMI is kind of "Transparent RPC", I work on integration for both projects.
>You can get the firs release of complete framework on sourceforge EOB.
>I am going to work on security and transaction then persitence in simplestore 
>will be completed, It supports almost all CMP 2 features at this time, but not
>well tested. Then you use simplestore + ARMI you dont need "remote interface",
>"Home interface","Value Object", "Bussines Delegate", "Local interface" ... .
>Any class class or interface can be persitent,distributable (secure and 
>transactional is the next step)
>>Hello anyone who's out there,
>>I have an 'issue' that is rearing its head again and wld like to get
>>anyones take on it. It concerns beans & db and the lack (or maybe not)
>>of a kinda jakarta proj/framework like struts, but addresses the back
>>I know, there's EJB, etc... But, after working on EJB and non-EJB
>>projects, I'm not convinved EJB is any more scalable or distributable
>>than a good implementation of data aware beans - or something along
>>those lines.
>>I helped design a quite popular, big air travel site that took a non-EJB
>>approach and worked well and scaled across 15 Sun boxes without a hitch.
>>However, the implementation was a little complex and now that I'm
>>working on another project, I'd like to have the same thing at a simpler
>>So I guess I'm just kinda saying hi to the Commons proj and trying to
>>see if anyone has thought about this issue. Especially since there is no
>>Jakarta sub-project or Commons portion addressing this issue.
>>Thanks and hi,
>>- Jason
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