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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [ALTRMI]-PATCH JNDI interface for Altrmi clients
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2002 09:52:17 GMT

>Did some prelim' JNDI bridge work for client-side
>lookup's and listing.
Yes it is good stuff.  I have committed it.  Some small changes :

1) names of clases have be prefixed with Default.  Why? EOB is likely to 
re-implement to allow internal VM lookup when the client thinks it is 
doing an external socket lookup (the holy grail).

2) 'supportedstreams' is static so has gone uppercase and final

3) your name has replaced mine as auther of the smaller class, as i did 
nothing really.


1) I hate the env.put() business of JNDI.  Should we also provide a 
helper factory (optional use) that will make an InitialContext for comon 
types of transport? It would be a non-standard way of making an initial 
context but many people do this anyway in their code.

2) The URL naming scheme for JNDI is very different to the colon 
delimited design that I have started in InterfaceLookupFactory.  Should 
we change that to look more like JNDI ?

3) Tests.  I think some of the tests should be changed to use JNDI for 
the lookup.  Not all, as we should show people that they have options...

Your thoughts?

- Paul

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