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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [ARMI] ProxyGenrator
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 09:43:39 GMT

>1.We have the same code in ARMI and in Simplestore for proxy generation,
>It depends only on BCEL. Is it possible to move this code from SimpleStore
>to more generic project ? I see BeanUtils is about reflection, May be BCEL
>itself is the best place for this kind of code.
Our proxys are different really.  Decompile a generated proxy for ...

  interface Fred {
      int sayHelloFred(String s);

..from both Simplestore and AltRMI to understand.

>2. I don't understand ProxyGenerator interface in ARMI, It will be very good if
>somebody will write some coments, for this interface, Generator for ARMI Proxy
>is ready we need to add implementation for  ProxyGenerator interface.
>I don't understand meaning of "additionalFacede" ,"classesOrInterfaces" and "DeferredClass".

I have just replied to this in the EOB list, I'll repeat in summary form

Ignore DeferredClasses for BCEL.
ClassesOrInterfaces and AdditionalFacades are to all intents and 
purposes the same.  They are pass-by-reference proxies.

- Paul

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