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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/docs/latka release-plan-1.0.html
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 00:57:55 GMT
dion        02/03/24 16:57:55

  Added:       docs/latka release-plan-1.0.html
  Initial draft
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-commons/docs/latka/release-plan-1.0.html
  Index: release-plan-1.0.html
  <html><head><META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><title>Latka
- Release Plan for Latka 1.0</title><meta value="dIon Gillard" name="author"><meta
value="" name="email"><meta value="
                      Commons Documentation Team
                  " name="author"><meta value="" name="email"></head><body
vlink="#525D76" alink="#525D76" link="#525D76" text="#000000" bgcolor="#ffffff"><table
cellspacing="4" width="100%" border="0"><!--PAGE HEADER--><tr><td colspan="2"><table
width="100%"><tr><td><!--JAKARTA LOGO--><a href=""><img
border="0" alt="The Jakarta Project" align="left" src=""></a></td><td
style="text-align:right; font-weight:bold">Commons - Latka</td></tr></table></td></tr><!--HEADER
SEPARATOR--><tr><td colspan="2"><hr size="1" noshade=""></td></tr><tr><!--LEFT
SIDE NAVIGATION--><td nowrap="true" valign="top" width="20%"><span style="font-family:
Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight:bold">Latka</span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
href="./index.html">Home</a></span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
href="./users-guide.html">User's Guide</a></span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
href="./xml-reference.html">XML Reference</a></span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
href="./developers-guide.html">Developers Guide</a></span><br><span
style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="./api/index.html">API Docs</a></span><br><span
style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="">CVS</a></span><br><span
style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="./mailing-lists.html">Mailing List</a></span><br><span
style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="">List
Bugs</a></span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="">Enter
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font-weight:bold">Project Files</span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
href="./status.html">Status</a></span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
href="./proposal.html">Original Proposal</a></span><br><span style="margin-left:0.67em"><a
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style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="">Get
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href="">Reference Library</a></span><br><span
style="margin-left:0.67em"><a href="">Bugs</a></span><hr></td><!--RIGHT
SIDE MAIN BODY--><td align="left" valign="top" width="80%"><table width="100%"
cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td bgcolor="#525D76"><font
face="arial,helvetica.sanserif" color="#ffffff"><a name="Administrivia"><strong>Administrivia</strong></a></font></td></tr><tr><td><blockquote>
          <p>This document describes a plan for a 1.0 release of the
  Jakarta-Commons Latka component (for the remainder of this document, simply 
          <p>As per the
  <a href="">
  Jakarta/ASF guidelines</a>, this document doesn't mean anything until 
  accepted by the relevant committer community via a lazy majority vote 
  (hereafter, simply "lazy majority").  Once accepted, it may be replaced by an 
  alternative plan, again subject to lazy majority approval.</p>
          <p>Non-binding votes (votes cast by those outside the relevant
  committer community) are welcome, but only binding votes are significant for
  decision making purposes.</p>
      </blockquote></td></tr></table><table width="100%" cellpadding="2"
cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td bgcolor="#525D76"><font face="arial,helvetica.sanserif"
color="#ffffff"><a name="Objective"><strong>Objective</strong></a></font></td></tr><tr><td><blockquote>
          <p>The objective of the 1.0 release of Latka is to provide a stable
  and robust release focused on design clarity, forward compatibility, and ease
  of use (i.e., with the intention of providing a stable foundation for the 
  further evolution of the Latka component).</p>
          <p>Specifically, the 1.0 release seeks to
  introduce and evaluate changes based upon the following
  (ordered) criteria:
                  <li><p>Freedom from defects (deviation from the 
  documented or reasonably expected behavior)</p></li>
                  <li><p>Interface and design consistency and clarity, 
  ease-of-use, and ease-of-extension.</p></li>
                  <li><p>Forward compatibility. That is, the ability to
  add support for features that can be reasonably predicted without "breaking" 
  the external (and to a lesser degree, internal) interface of the component
          <p>The 1.0 release should also include:
                  <li><p>Adequate documentation (including both 
  API-level/JavaDoc documentation as well documentation suitable for use on the 
  Jakarta-Commons site)</p></li>
                  <li><p>A substantial unit and functional test suite 
  suitable for ensuring the quality and compatibility of release 1.0 and 
  subsequent releases.</p></li>
                  <li><p>A clear demarcation of the "internal" and 
  "external" interfaces within Latka, as defined in the 
  <a href="">
  Versioning Guidelines</a> document</p></li>
      </blockquote></td></tr></table><table width="100%" cellpadding="2"
cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td bgcolor="#525D76"><font face="arial,helvetica.sanserif"
color="#ffffff"><a name="Release%20Manager"><strong>Release Manager</strong></a></font></td></tr><tr><td><blockquote>
          <p><a href="">dIon Gillard</a>
  (assuming no one else is really itching to do it)</p>
      </blockquote></td></tr></table><table width="100%" cellpadding="2"
cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td bgcolor="#525D76"><font face="arial,helvetica.sanserif"
color="#ffffff"><a name="Timeline"><strong>Timeline</strong></a></font></td></tr><tr><td><blockquote>
          <p>(All days ending at 23:59:59 GMT in case of dispute.)
                      <p>Review Period</p>
                      <p>Friday, March 29 - Friday, 5 April 2002</p>
                      <p>During the Review Period specific design, functional and
  contract changes to Latka will be considered on the Jakarta-Commons mailing
  list, using the following process:
                              <li><p>Any developer or committer that 
  would like to see a specific change (or group of changes) enacted or
  rolled back will suggest it on the <a href="">
  Jakarta-Commons mailing list</a></p></li>
                              <li><p>Any interested committer that 
  opposes a given change (or group of changes) is obligated to indicate this
  disapproval on the list during the Review Period.</p></li>
                              <li><p>We will seek, but not strictly 
  require consensus on each decision point.  If consensus cannot be reached,
  any committer may call for a vote to resolve the issue via a lazy majority vote.
                      <p>The Review Period may be closed before 5 April 2002,
  given one "workday"'s notice and lazy majority approval.</p>
                      <p>The Review Period may be extended by one week (at a 
  time) given lazy majority approval, in case issues still need to be resolved.
                      <p>Implementation Period</p>
                      <p>Friday, 5 April 2002 - Friday, 12 April 2002
  (assuming the Review Period is not extended)</p>
                      <p>During this period, any remaining implementation, 
  testing and documentation will be completed.  No new features or "public"
  interface changes will be considered in-scope at this time (short of a
  lazy-majority approved revised release plan or any "showstopper" defects).
                      <p>At the end of the Implementation Period, a formal
  release vote will be called, subject to lazy approval.</p>
                      <p>A formal release vote may be called before 12 April,
  but after the end of the Review Period, if appropriate.</p>
SEPARATOR--><tr><td colspan="2"><hr size="1" noshade=""></td></tr><!--PAGE
FOOTER--><tr><td colspan="2"><div align="center"><font size="-1" color="#525D76"><em>
          Copyright &copy; 1999-2002, Apache Software Foundation

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