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Subject Re: Db bean issue
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:39:26 GMT
We are working on simplestore in commons, it kind of "Transparent Persitence"
ARMI is kind of "Transparent RPC", I work on integration for both projects.
You can get the firs release of complete framework on sourceforge EOB.
I am going to work on security and transaction then persitence in simplestore 
will be completed, It supports almost all CMP 2 features at this time, but not
well tested. Then you use simplestore + ARMI you dont need "remote interface",
"Home interface","Value Object", "Bussines Delegate", "Local interface" ... .
Any class class or interface can be persitent,distributable (secure and 
transactional is the next step)

> Hello anyone who's out there,
> I have an 'issue' that is rearing its head again and wld like to get
> anyones take on it. It concerns beans & db and the lack (or maybe not)
> of a kinda jakarta proj/framework like struts, but addresses the back
> end.
> I know, there's EJB, etc... But, after working on EJB and non-EJB
> projects, I'm not convinved EJB is any more scalable or distributable
> than a good implementation of data aware beans - or something along
> those lines.
> I helped design a quite popular, big air travel site that took a non-EJB
> approach and worked well and scaled across 15 Sun boxes without a hitch.
> However, the implementation was a little complex and now that I'm
> working on another project, I'd like to have the same thing at a simpler
> level.
> So I guess I'm just kinda saying hi to the Commons proj and trying to
> see if anyone has thought about this issue. Especially since there is no
> Jakarta sub-project or Commons portion addressing this issue.
> Thanks and hi,
> - Jason
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