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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject [betwixt] Strategy for dealing with addXXX() methods
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2002 17:17:31 GMT
Hi James,

I was just looking at a way for trying to deal with addXXX() methods in
a configurable way. I think I might have come up with a way to handle

While passing through the bean information in
XMLIntrospector.introspect() when discovering a loop type could we take
the name, say Hobbies, and apply a strategy to determine its singular
form? Then store that singular form for later use.

So I could use a plural stemmer strategy that would turn Hobbies into
Hobby and then in the XMLIntrospectorHelper.defaultAddMethods() the
addHobby(Hobby hobby) would be matched up with Hobbies.

We could maintain the current behaviour and possibly make these
strategies stackable so that different attempts can be made. This would
also allow things like i18n plural stemmers.

I'm still trying to sort out some of the, it looks like there is some
duplicated code in the XMLIntrospector* classes but I'm not exactly sure

But I think this method would work, I'll take any pointers. I think in a
few more hours I'll be able to give it a whirl if the approach is


Jason van Zyl

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