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From "Morgan Delagrange" <>
Subject [COLLECTIONS] Collections 2.0 Digest (03/7/2002)
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 19:35:35 GMT
Hi all,

Here's an update on the state of Collections 2.0.  I think we're about ready
for a release.  I think the remaining priorities should be:

1) Fix the BeanMap unit tests.
2) Fix BeanMap documentation.  This is my opinion, but I think the BeanMap
documentation is weak.  The docs in CVS right now are almost identical with
those from the Collections 1.0 release:
ions/BeanMap.html.  The unit tests that currently fail for BeanMap should be
good indicators for where the BeanMap documention needs improvement.
3) Identify undocumented bug fixes.  I will try to make some effort on my
own by looking for test failures in the 1.x branch, but it's much easier if
folks voluntarily commit their fixes to the release notes in CVS.

Any volunteers for tasks 1 & 2?

Also, if you have any patches, additional contributions, etc. that you
definitely want to propose for 2.0, now is the time.  Right now, I'm
considering the two pending Collections mentioned below as candidates for
2.1, unless someone wants to step up to the plate and complete them earlier.

Please, accompany any new collections with appropriate unit tests.  Try to
integrate those unit tests with our micro-framework for testing, but if you
have trouble I'll do it for you.  Any new Collection that does not include
tests will probably not be included in the 2.0 release.

- Morgan

P.S. Complete release digest follows...

COLLECTIONS 2.0 DIGEST (03/7/2002)

The following is a synopsis of the Collections 2.0 release
effort to date.

(Updated 3/7/2002)


BeanMap: Needs to clean up unit tests, and make sure all variations
from "typical" Maps are documented in Javadocs.  IMO,
BeanMap is very light on JavaDocs

All Collections: There are definitely bug fixes that are not being
If you fixed bugs (or added new features) since 1.0, you will want to
document them in the release notes.


DirtyFlagMap: Per the email sent by James House
Will be reviewed by Michael Smith

unmodifiableIterator: Proposal sent to the mailing list



All new Comparators are now Serializable and have some unit tests.
Added ComparatorChain class.

(2/26/2002 and before)

Copies of all Serializable collections have been checked into
CVS for compatibility testing.  Unit tests suggest that only
LRUMap has changed its External form.  (Note: these unit tests
are sanity checks only; they're not infallible.)  Michael and
I added lots of other new unit tests too.

Added descriptions (based on JavaDocs) of all new Collections
to the STATUS.html file.  There are still several 1.0
Collections that were never documented in the STATUS.html file.
Volunteers welcome.

Converted release notes to HTML and added descriptions of
all new Collections.

All relevant Collections from the Commons UTIL package added.

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