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From "Morgan Delagrange" <>
Subject Re: [Collections] non-compatible changes
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 17:09:16 GMT

----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael A. Smith" <>
To: "Jakarta Commons Developers List" <>;
"Morgan Delagrange" <>
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002 12:07 AM
Subject: [Collections] non-compatible changes

> On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Morgan Delagrange wrote:
> > Sure, we can wait until tomorrow.  Just be sure to get it all on the
> > at once, so we don't spread out the discussion unnecessarily.
> Okay, I've finished my (somewhat hurried and tiring) review for possible
> non-backwards compatible changes.  I'm willing to do the necessary work
> for all of these.
> Here's the list of issues and improvements I have found in collections
> which require non-backwards compatible changes (and thus probably should
> go in before a 2.0 release if they are to go in at all):
> 1. AbstractBag seems to be more of a "default map based implementation"
> and differs in design from the AbstractSet, AbstractMap classes which do
> not make assumptions about how they might be implemented.  To be
> consistent with JDK AbstractX collections, this should just be providing
> default implementations that could be used regardless of underlying
> storage mechanism.  For example, the add(Object) method would call the
> abstract add(Object,int) method passing the object and 1.  I think
> iterator() would need to be the only other abstract method.
> There's a few ways to fix this.  First, reimplement so that only the
> minimal interfaces need to be implemented, thus matching the style of the
> JDK AbstractX collections.  Second rename to DefaultMapBag or similar so
> that there isn't a difference in style.  Third, a combination of both.
> The minimum necessary for a 2.0 release is just the rename.
> If you're confused about what I mean here, I can probably put together a
> patch this weekend for the third option (a new AbstractBag and a
> DefaultMapBag).

Sounds fine.

> 2. ArrayEnumeration is not fail-fast when a (Object[])null value is passed
> to the constructor.

Performing maintenance on a deprecated class seems unnecessary.  -0.

> 3. BeanMap.values() is modifiable, but modifications are not reflected in
> the BeanMap.  Probably should return an unmodifiable collection.
> 4. BeanMap.keySet() is modifiable.  Modifications to it (i.e. removes)
> will be reflected in the BeanMap, but that's probably not a good idea.
> Probably should return an unmodifiable collection.

I'm -1 to these changes.  There may be clients to BeanMap that expect this
behaviour, and I'm uncomfortable with changing it in the eleventh hour of
the release.  I think that, for now, we should just document the behavior in
the Javadocs.

> 5. DoubleOrderedMap requires its keys and elements to be comparable.  I
> don't think the external API relies on Comparable (just the internal API),
> so I don't think this must be fixed before a 2.0 release, but I didn't
> look quite that closely to know for sure.
> 6. The following classes have "protected" members and/or methods, but
> the ability to subclass without "corrupting" the internal state of
> the parent class is suspect: BeanMap, FastArrayList, FastHashMap,
> FastTreeMap.  Fixing these would probably involve making some fields
> private.

-1.  We should minimize changes that affect Serialization, and in this case
it doesn't seem worth the price.

> My brain power started dying, so I didn't really review the following
> classes (unfortunate since these are pretty sophisticated classes):
> CollectionUtils, CursorableLinkedList, ExtendedProperties, SoftRefHashMap
> There's also a lot of places where I disagree with the implementation of
> things, but I think it'd probably be too much for me to complain about all
> of them as well (e.g. MapUtils.getXXX() methods should throw exceptions or
> return null for things that aren't XXX rather than "massaging" them into
> XXX or using System.out.println)
> One other note:  package.html probably should be updated before 2.0
> release.

Will do.

> tired,
> michael

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