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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: [COLLECTIONS] 2.0 Release digest 02/21/2002
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 00:38:33 GMT
On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 wrote:
> Can a movement of those classes in Util which are seen as Collections
> classes be made before 2.0?

Probably.  I don't think we have a timetable for the 2.0 collections 
release at the moment.  In fact, I don't think we've even reached a 
consensus on what would be going into the 2.0 release.

> It seems to mainly be a check from Collections that yes the Utils ones are
> copys, and then an import of StringStack and BufferCache or some such.
> Maybe a rewrite of BufferCache to fit it in.

collections.CollectionUtils and util.CollectionsUtils look very different.

On cursory glance BufferCache is pretty much the same as LRUCache, so we 
may just need add the couple of methods that BufferCache has which LRU 
does not and drop BufferCache altogether. 

> I may not understand what will be in Collections 2.0 well enough yet
> though. Is it everything in Collections, or do you choose those components
> that are worthy?

everything in collections would get tagged as 2.0 and released together. 

> Would transferring the above componetns and considering the location or
> compare/ and lru/ sub-pakcages cause a problem with Collections 2.0?

I think this is still to be evaluated.


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