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From Jeff Prickett <>
Subject Re: Periodicity (iCalendar) Interest Survey
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 12:28:19 GMT
On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, dIon Gillard wrote:

> Jeff Prickett wrote:
> Not really. Why would a calendar product *need* EJB support?
> >If so what J2EE version?
> >If so what EJB container?
> >

EJB support would be optional for those who would need it. We would 
support a standalone version for people who just want a basic small scale 
website/server and offer EJB for those who might need more scalability.

Note: I am not following the conversations about EJB on general (ok maybe 
a little), but I find them highly irrelevant. When I first sent the email 
about restarting iCalendar here at Apache it set off a flurry of emails 
about Apache making an Exchange killer. I would like to see that happen 
and I believe that if Periodicity is to become an Exchange killer we will 
have to eventually support EJB, even if we dont think its the greatest 
platform. Why? Because EJBs are widely accepted throughout the industry 
and having an EJB version of Periodicity will make selling it to CTOs and 
CIOs easier. Just my two cents

Bottom Line about EJB. To be accepted by the big corporations we may have 
to wear a suit, even if it is uncomfortable.

> >What hardware platforms will you run Periodicity on?
> >
> All sorts. Intel, Sparc, RS/6000

Thanks, I hope that you will help us test on these platforms. We hope to 
have a release out before the end of March.

> >What database will you use to store the iCalendar objects, please include 
> >version?
> >
> Does it need a database? How about an XML format as an option (e.g. 
> xcalendar?)

There actually is a dtd that was being maintained by the IETF, I believe, 
it is an internet draft. The last one just expired Feb 18, 2002.

We will support this for of iCalendar also.
> >What features are you looking for from a calendar server?
> >
> Dunno yet. Interchange of cals between various platforms/products. 
> Specifically Notes and vCal on Linux (korganizer).

This is exactly what iCalendar is about. The first release, maybe even the 
first couple of releases wont support this, but we will.

> >Would you be willing to contribute time to help develop Periodicity?
> >
> Some.

Thanks for considering contributing and thanks for taking the time to 

Jeff Prickett

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