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From Jeff Prickett <>
Subject Re: Periodicity (iCalendar) Interest Survey
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 12:54:42 GMT
On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Juozas Baliuka wrote:

> Hi,
> I contribute for simplestore at this time, it is going to become some kind
> of  "Transparent Persitence",
> we are going to implement some security, I understand, it is not some part
> of persitence.
> I see Periodicity is more abaut security, and I want to find some solution
> for integration.
> simplestore can be used for BMP, but not at this time, transactions are not
> portable at this
> time.
> I reviewed Periodicity, goals of project are not wery clear for me at this
> time.
> If it  JAAS based security framework, I am going to spend more time for this
> project.
> <skip>

The goal of Periodicity is to fully implement Internet RFCs 2445, 2446, 
and 2447. These are the calendaring RFCs.

RFC 2445 iCalendar - Specifies what the data objects look like
RFC 2446 iTIP Transport Independent Interoperability Protocol - Specifies 
how calendar servers should share, request, schedule, and delegate 
calendar objects
RFC 2447 iMIP Message based Interoperability Protocol - Specifies how to 
encode iCalendar objects into an email message.

In addition to implementing the RFCs we will be including a set of 
Velocity templates for displaying and manipulating iCalendar data via a 
Web Browser and Web enabled phone.

Security is going to be JAAS based and that is one of the major areas 
still needing work before we can get a 0.0.1 release out the door. I would 
appreciate it if you would review my work so far and make some comments on 
what you think. I am new to JAAS and could use the feedback. Most of the 
new development with JAAS has to do with User and Group integration. We 
could, also, use some help with writing policy files and documenting how 
to securely configure Periodicity.

If you would like to step up and help with JAAS integration with Turbine 
Users and groups it would be a great help to the project. Any help that 
you could offer would be appreciated. 

Thanks for your reply.

Jeff Prickett
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