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From Jeff Prickett <>
Subject Re: Requesting a Big HELP
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 05:36:03 GMT
On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Santiago Gala wrote:

> Senal AP Rasanga wrote:
> >Dear Santiago Gala,
> >  We are undergraduates of University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. We are in final year
now. So we suppose to implement a server that supports three Protocols. They are iCalendar,
iMIP and iTIP. So as our project in this course we suppose to do this one. But to start this
one we need a some background knowledge. 
> >
> >  I showed that Apache Group has started this one as a project. But they have stop
that project.There was a statement that some one like to continue that project send them and
get details like source code and design.   
> >But unfortunately now that link has missed. So I don't have that E-mail address.
> >
> > So if you know that project details please be kind to send me or if you know the
persons who are involving that project please be kind to send me those E-mail addresses. Please
don't ignore this mail.
> >  If we can get some details about that project done for some extent by apache group
that will be a big help for us to start and carry out our project.  
> >

Discussions about iCalendar are currently being held on the commons 
mailing list. Actually there is no active public discussion on iCalendar 
right now, but anyone interested in iCalendar should subscribe to the 
commons mailing list.

Where we are is we have the basic design of the iCalendar objects 
implemented. We need code to save the objects to a database, templates in 
Velocity to view them in a web browser, security integration with Turbine 
and JAAS. After that we should be ready for a 0.0.1 release. 

We also need someone to take charge of the effort to write implementations 
for RFCs2446 and 2447 (IMIP and ITIP). No work has been done on this at 

I will be available to answer all questions and help you get up to speed 
with the current design of the codebase.

> This is a piece that I think we are beginning to need more and more in 
> Apache.

I think so too.

> Good luck.

The way things are going we could all use some Good Luck ;)

> >
> >    Regards,
> >    A.P.S. Rasanga (97/98 Batch) 
> >    G.S. Dahanayaka (97/98 Batch)
> >    A.W.G. Chaminda (97/98 Batch)
> >

Thank you for your interest in iCalendar. I apologize for the delay in 
returning your email. I have been in the middle of moving from one house 
to another. I look forward to working with you and hope that you decide to 
join us as we build a world class calendaring application.

Jeff Prickett

> >

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