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From <>
Subject Re: Who Commits to What
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 00:02:31 GMT
On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, Peter Donald wrote:

> Compare this to any other project - large or not. I have no idea on the
> largest project (maybe TC?) so lets imagine it is TC. Even including all the
> current active committers in TC I suspect it would be far less than Commons?
> I suspect they all at least are aware of each other - even if they are
> segmented into TC3 vs TC4 (is that still true?). And I suspect TC also
> demands that the developers show a higher level of commitment before being
> nominated as committers.

I would have no problem if all jakarta commiters would have the right
to vote on tomcat. I would be happy to propose any jakarta commiter who
is interested in contribution or voting on tomcat as a tomcat commiter.
And I will +1 any other jakarta commiter that is proposed as a tomcat
commiter. Including Peter :-)

BTW, using code from another jakarta project is the same as
trusting the commiters of that project.

Tomcat is using commons code, so we do seem to trust the commons
community. The fact that a lot of tomcat commiters can vote
on all commons component that they use seems to make us very
comfortable with using commons and  migrating code from
tomcat that is of common interest into commons.

The same doesn't seem to happen with Avalon - and I don't know
why, but that's not our problem but Avalon's problem. It may
have the goal to create 'server side components', but tomcat
as a server doesn't seem to use any. And it may have the goal
of creating 'components', but so far it seems many people
prefer commons for that.


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