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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: commons dbcp or pool problems
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 23:54:01 GMT

>> Worse than using sql within a JSP, the customer turned almost their
>> entire web site into a bunch of JSP pages to dynamically generate
>> the content from a db.  But they only change the db 5-6 times a day.
>> So their pages generate all this load and are open to all kinds of
>> potential failures for what is essentially static content.  I strongly
>> recommended to them that they switch it over to a publish system where
>> they make changes to the db then generate the static html pages.
>> But of course the customer says they don't have time to do that,
>> they have something that "works".  This is for a site with 500,000
>> page views per month with spikes of 6-10k page views per hour.
>yesterday, just out of curiosity I conducted some simple benchmark test
>which measured how many pages per second can a client retrieve.
>the client was a simple java program which requested pages from a given url
>in a loop and then calculated the numbers. all network delays were eliminated
>just by running it on the same computer, which is PII 350, running win NT.
>first I gave it an url of jsp page served by tomcat 3.2. the maximum I got was 90 pages/sec
>then I gave it an url of jsp page served by resin: 196 pages/sec
>on tomcat 4.0 it was: 189 pages/second
>then I gave it an url of php page: 95 pages/sec
>and finally I tested static html page served by apache: 208 pages/sec
>of course this is not a real test, but however I got an impression that
>the difference between static page and jsp (in some good container) is not that
>big (of course if you don't do sql query from jsp).

Maybe, but it's more about  "how do I design a proper web-appl" and SoC 
-> to do easy maintainance and enhancements in the future....

You can't fall off the floor

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