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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: commons dbcp or pool problems
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 12:31:53 GMT

>> >> Worse than using sql within a JSP, the customer turned almost their
>> >> entire web site into a bunch of JSP pages to dynamically generate
>> >> the content from a db.  But they only change the db 5-6 times a day.
>> >> So their pages generate all this load and are open to all kinds of
>> >> potential failures for what is essentially static content.  I strongly
>> >> recommended to them that they switch it over to a publish system where
>> >> they make changes to the db then generate the static html pages.
>> >> But of course the customer says they don't have time to do that,
>> >> they have something that "works".  This is for a site with 500,000
>> >> page views per month with spikes of 6-10k page views per hour.
>> >
>> >
>> >yesterday, just out of curiosity I conducted some simple benchmark test
>> >which measured how many pages per second can a client retrieve.
>> >
>> >the client was a simple java program which requested pages from a given
>> >in a loop and then calculated the numbers. all network delays were
>> >just by running it on the same computer, which is PII 350, running win
>> >
>> >first I gave it an url of jsp page served by tomcat 3.2. the maximum I
>got was 90 pages/sec
>> >then I gave it an url of jsp page served by resin: 196 pages/sec
>> >on tomcat 4.0 it was: 189 pages/second
>> >then I gave it an url of php page: 95 pages/sec
>> >and finally I tested static html page served by apache: 208 pages/sec
>> >
>> >of course this is not a real test, but however I got an impression that
>> >the difference between static page and jsp (in some good container) is
>not that
>> >big (of course if you don't do sql query from jsp).
>> Maybe, but it's more about  "how do I design a proper web-appl" and SoC
>> -> to do easy maintainance and enhancements in the future....
>>   ~Gerhard
>Yes, it very possile to implement logics in JSP, put jdbc code, RMI ... and
>use cache for this
>stuff, It will be very fast to implement and you will have a very good
>performance, but
>It not solution, It is crap, you will need to remove you "fast application"

A collegue of mine is in the moment the tech. leader in a project. His devs
are some external guy's. This guy's implemented the whole appl. in JSP such
as BusinessLogic and SQL statements. You should hear him swearing. Ok with
the new IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer (now you know where I'm 
working) it's possible to "compile" the JSP's to check at least Syntax (I'm
sure there are some other tools around for pre-checking JSPs, but I don't use 
JSPs). But this guys doing all in some editor and they see their mistakes only,
when they deployed the web application. That's crap or, ignorant and a waste
of time.


Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

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