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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: [simplestore] it's really kool
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 11:13:52 GMT

>From: Juozas Baliuka []
>TODO for simplestore :
>1. Code cleanup
>(Remove some unused code, ideas are good, but they are for the next project,
>I wil try to write proposal later )
>Remove : Reacheble and Swap interfaces, cleanup package,JISP, MRUMap.

Already done yesterday. Check out the latest version. I also fixed the license
header and did a little bit code formating with JEdit.

>TODO for sample :
>1. Add IODGenerator interfaceand default impl.

IOD, what's this?

>2. Add Maping interfce and default impl "MetaClass".
>3. Add Relations.
>4. Remove method "convret" from Proxy, Add converter interface and default
>5. Add PersitenceManager and PersitenceManagerFactory interfaces and default
>6. Implement roolback method for memory store in TransactionImpl.
>7. Add Transaction synchronization (Listeners)   methods and "Transaction
>state" constants to Transaction interface.
>8. Make Proxy more abstract, to add interceptors for security and
>distributed objects.
>9. Finders (I have no good ideas abaut finders at this time),but no QL.
>10. Add suport for "Class instances" (Byte code generation and "*.class"
>BTW I am afraid it is too mutch for "sample".

Ok much stuff...could we split this a little bit, like first this, second that?
1. cleanup code 
This is 98% done so far.
2. move this stuff maybe in a seperate package, like
org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence. ...

This implies, that org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence is very
generic and the sub-packages are more specific impl for that.

3. starting with your points.
maybe first with #5, #4, #2 and #8

What do you think?

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is likely to affect your impression of how many beers you've drunk."
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