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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: [simplestore] ToDo
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 11:46:42 GMT

>> >> JB>10. Add suport for class instances (ByteCode generation and
>> >> JB>transformations). I think this is optional.
>> >>
>> >> Ohh BCEL would be an option, but the community their sucks. Zero
>> >in
>> >> the mailing list. You don't get any help from that dudes. Am I right
>> >
>> >;).
>> >I have this code and I think it is very good and clear, but I think it is
>> >beter to generate some ASM for java and compile it in memory.
>> Is this code written in BCEL?
>> ASM?
> I saw a few ASM for java implementations, one of them use BCEL to implement
>this stuff,
>I don't remember, but I think it is JASMIN.
>I have plans to generate byte code this way : Template -> ASM -> Byte Code

We tried BCEL in the AvalonDB project, but didn't suceed (less documentation
and low traffic in the mailing list). Complex beast.
Jasmin I don't know...but Paul seems to have expierience...

>> >We will need pool for arrays, I dont know trivial and good
>> >but it is very trivial to implement (the Same as "Swap" and "Reacheble")
>> Aha, for what do we need this pool?
>This pool will be for List, Map and Set, very trivial wrapper will return
>object to pool
>on finalization.


>> >I don have ideas abaut this :) Datasource implementation is incorrect,
>> >it has  good performance on PostgreSQL, because driver implements pool
>> >itself .... .
>> It has now his own package, and people can use it if they want. But maybe
>> we should remove this PostgreSQL javadoc, because it works for hsqldb too
>We will remove this Datasource itself later, it is good for some
>applications and works
>with most of drivers in "readonly" mode, but it will not work on simplestore
>transactionCount > maxConectionCount, but it can be used for testing, don't
>use it in production if data is not "readonly", you will have fatal errors
>in transactions.


I hope I will find some time on the weekend. I booked in a trivial OID generator.
Check it out...


"The most important question when any new 
computer architecture is introduced is 'So what?'"

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