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From Marc Saegesser <>
Subject [httpclient] Sorted cookie patch broken
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:22:30 GMT
The recent patch to sort the cookies in the Cookie header according to path
(per RFC 2109/4.3.4) is broken and results in some cookies not being sent
back to the server.  The problem is that SortedMap uses compare() to test
for equality instead of calling equals().  Since the method
is based solely on the cookie path, any two cookies with the same path
appear to be equal and thus only one will actually be added to the set.

I discovered the problem while merging in my HttpMultiClient code so I'll
fix while I'm making those changes.  I just wanted to post a note here in
case anyone else starts having problems with it until I get my changes

Marc Saegesser 

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