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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Problems with commons-logging
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 06:51:11 GMT

> > I am -1 on walking the config line.  No config. None.  This 
> API intends
> > to mask all of this and allow a component to just log.  The 
> container
> > using the component will be required to configure logging.  
> We are not
> > trying to replace LogKit/Log4J, we are only trying to replace
> > System.out.println(), IMHO.  Besides, that is orhtogonal 
> IMHO, and if
> > logging does this, it can do this in a later release, on a separate
> > interface.
> Yes, but we should at least allow the user to pass a simple 
> 'config file'
> or base information to the real logger. Like attributes in 
> servlet, jaxp,
> etc.
> Otherwise we'll still have to code against Log4j APIs ( to set the
> config file for example ) - and what's the point of using 
> commons logging
> if we already require and hardcode log4j ?

Surely the author of the app can be expected to know which logging
toolkit he/she is using?

Commons-logging is to prevent the components from dictating a 
specific logging implementation to their users.

It is (AFAICT) intended that commons-logging would only be used
by individual components, and the users of those components
would use their preferred logging api directly.

commons-logging exists *only* to provide an API to commons
components that wish to log without requiring a specific
logging implementation.

Configuration is not done by a components, therefore it is
outside the scope of the common-logging package.

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