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From James House <>
Subject RE: commons dbcp or pool problems
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 04:29:14 GMT

At 2/23/2002 01:25 PM -0600, Rodney Waldhoff wrote:
>James House wrote:
> > A few months back I made my own hacks to
> > DBCP in order to have it find places in
> > our code that didn't free up DB resources
> > properly.


> > If anyone's interested, I could try
> > digging it up, and posting it.
>Sounds great, especially if we can do it relatively unobtrusively (or
>optionally).  By all means, put together a patch.

Well, I don't have any time soon to look at how to clean this thing up to 
make a reasonable patch.

I've posted my source for my changes here:

If it was a simple as doing the "diff" and creating the patch, I'd do it... 
But now that I've dug it up and looked at it (refreshed my memory about 
what I did) I think there are too many issues with my hacking - it is more 
obtrusive to existing code than I remembered it being, so I think there 
would end up being a lot of complaints about the patch -- and since I don't 
"own" DBCP I don't think I'm qualified to make any radical changes to it!

That said, please feel free to check it out. -- Anyone interested can take 
it and bend it into a reasonable patch, or simply steal any ideas you want, 
and make a good patch for DBCP.


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