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From James House <>
Subject Re: Calendar / Scheduler / Workflow
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 03:11:11 GMT

I've got a Job Scheduler project under way at Source Forge - I'm not aware 
of one here at Commons.

The project began last spring, and actually was "completed" in the sense 
that there was a release.  In fact there are a number of people using 
it.  However, the design was really shoddy, and I removed all of it, and 
restarted the project from "the ground up" this fall/winter. It is once 
again approaching a real release  - within 2 to 4 weeks it should be there 
... you know how development goes!

So far it's got a really sucky web page, and a bunch of code checked 
in.  The code is pretty full of JavaDOC, so anyone should be able to poke 
around the code and figure out the general ideas.

If anyone's interested, please feel free to join the project - or download 
and use it in a few weeks when it's ready.

I'd be happy to see the project end up over in Jakarta land, which I know 
is based on the project gaining a broad user base and good support record.

You can find it here:  -- over the next few 
days you should see a lot more of it get "fleshed out" as I get a few more 
things off the drawing board and into real classes.


At 2/14/2002 05:17 AM -0800, you wrote:
>I noticed requests on this list in reference to
>Workflow, Job Scheduler and Calendar capabilities.  I
>believe that Worklfow and Job Scheduler are part of
>commons.  Is anyone addressing the Calendar.
>It appears to me that there is commonality betweeen
>these three components.  For calendar there is a need
>to specify events that occur at some time.  These
>events could be one time, or recurring.  Some action
>takes place (such as notifying the user) at the time
>of the event.  The Job Scheduler needs similar
>functionality - the action would be to run a job.  The
>calendar also has "To Do" lists (or worklists in
>Is someone looking at these pieces from a holostic
>view so that the various efforts can leverage the work
>being done in other services ?
>- viraf
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