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From Juozas Baliuka <>
Subject Re: Bean storage in database
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 09:03:02 GMT
this work will be started today. It will be simplestore samples.
I will try to clear my code, it is very dirty and have a lot of bugs at 
this time.
I decided to implement this for my current project, but I see it can be 
useful in some more common situations.
I think it is more example for simplestore usage, not any kind of framework.
It will be very limited, but it always possible to enhance. I will use this 
for "readonly" data.
like :
......     WHERE  ........   GROUP BY ID  HAVING ..... ORDER BY ....    )
I have plans to support "Stored  Procedures" , Transactions, 
Finders,  Relations .......... .
But it is not very trivial to implement this stuff on this weekend :)

At 05:44 PM 2/1/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi folks!
>The J2EE discussion on the general list has raised some interesting
>questions. Is there any possible replacement for entity EJBs in Jakarta
>land? I'm thinking about a straight mapping from a JavaBean to a database,
>which can be useful in many simple-usage situations.
>The idea is: you have a bean, you want to store it in the database, every
>attribute in a field. References to included beans would be solved with
>foreign keys. A special "primary key" field is used to read it back.
>There are some pieces that could be used: Torque to insert XML in a
>database, and probably Digester to turn a bean into XML. But I don't know
>much about either.
>Is there any interest in something like this?

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