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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] (PATCH) BEEP wire
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 14:51:57 GMT

Committed dude.  When you next do a zip of source for me, can you leave 
out the cvs dirs ;-)  Cheers dude :-)

>Hi Paul,
>....Presenting the BEEP transport layer for AltRMI
>For now I have built an independent test
>but I guess this can be merged onto
>SocketClient/ServerTest suite too ....
>Ant script  puts the /lib folder into the classpath
>, and thats where the beep library (beepcore.jar)
>& xerces wud go ..
>(Haven't attached the libraries here though .)
>tests2.xml have been updated with the 
>'beep-serve' and 'beep-client' targets too ..
>(This time I have NO batch files :-)) )
he he :-)

>We can benchmark it with Socket layer too.
>(It might performs well too compared to 
>the '2 socket connection' approach when 
>callbacks come into picture..)
I see that you have a complete BEEP Factory and HostContext.  That's a 
lot of work you have done.  Some reading for me to do later!

Question for others : If we include a BSD licensed jar (to compile 
against and resitribute) do we have to include it's license too... or 
just credit the origin.


- Paul


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