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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] Event Notifier
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:45:44 GMT

>Anyways on another page , I feel it would be good 
>exercise to have the Event Notifier pattern working 
>over AltRMI transport, 
>something along the lines of the same pattern
>over RMI .(ref 
>This would neccessiate a form of callbacks to be 
>made avaliable within the Altrmi realm.
>Maybe by keeping a Message-Loop Thread at the
>client-end Open for receipt of REQUEST messages back
>from the server.
>Essentially implying REQUEST messages can flow
>from the server to the client too :-)
Yup this would be cool.  The problem as I see is that we would have to 
have a second connection open.  I am sure smarter people could get 
duplex working over one connection usine notify/wait etc, but I can't 
see the solution without two connections (one for the server to listen 
on and one for the client to listen on).

Does anyone have any experience on duplex over one socket connection?

There was also that (LGPL) project at sourceforge that could multiplex 
any traffic over one connection.  It was very good in that it could 
shove data before it was even picked up at the other end.  Not so 
relevent to us as we have multiple transports types...

>This can again form one those so called (non-junit) 
>*test* cases which actually does more than *testing*.
He he.

- Paul

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