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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: New Committer - Vinaysahil Chandran
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 23:20:18 GMT
My one and only point is that, as it stands, a Commons comitter is a
Commons committer. 

If people want to make nominations, it should that an individual should
be elected a Commons committer, along with the appropriate
justifications to draw the requisite votes. 

Of course, patches submitted to the sandbox count as much as anything
else, and once an individual is elected a Commons committer, they would
have commit rights to the sandbox too (upon request). 

But that's really all I have to say on the matter.


"Geir Magnusson Jr." wrote:
> On 2/18/02 5:29 PM, "Ted Husted" <> wrote:
> > AFAIK, to have write access to any Apache CVS means being granted an
> > Apache account. Having an Apache account means that someone is a
> > Committer.
> So far, so good.
> >
> > I don't believe we should hand a Committer badge to everyone who may
> > want to work on something an Apache Committer has placed in the sandbox.
> That isn't what is happening here.
> >
> > So, if we're talking about asking Brian to hand someone an Apache
> > account as a convenience, then I'm -1.
> Nor is that.
> >
> > If we're talking about nominating someone as a Committer because they
> > have demonstrated they deserve Committer status, that's another matter.
> >
> > I would simply suggest that people take Committer nominations very
> > seriously, and to not nominate people unless they have worked with them,
> > and observed their qualifications.
> I agree with this sentiment 100% (and I think we should apply it to commons
> components, but that's another thread for which I have no time or stomach to
> revisit).
> >
> > One old rule-of-thumb has been whether a person has been persistent, and
> > been making regular contributions for at least six months.
> So do we try to follow this rule of thumb here?  That would mean quite a
> number of commons components would still be waiting for the timer to expire
> before adding people...
> And further,  we just added a whole new subproject based on the say-so of
> one guy and the fact that some people thought it was 'cool', adding a group
> of people to be committers that no one knows or has worked with, as far as I
> can tell...  At least Paul, who is working on the code in question, claims
> to know Vinaysahil, at least implicitly.
> (And this is a weird situation - note how it's fundamentally a governance
> issue... Hope we don't punt this time...)
> geir
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> deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin
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