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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [Logging] [VOTE] Commons Logging 1.0 Release
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 21:00:10 GMT
Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> So, I agree with Peter: the commons will get too big and has a
> too loose structure to control things like this (which is still
> not the case with Avalon).
> I am not sure about how strictly one should regulate that, but
> maybe it is necessary.

I think the only recourse then is to propose the Commons as a top-level
ASF project.

Maybe Gump would come and live there too, along with XML Commons.

As it stands, in a Jakarta subproject a Committer is a Committer, and I
don't know if we want to get away from that. 

Many other people think that a Jakarta Committer should be a Jakarta
Committer, so if Velocity broke Turbine, then Turbine could veto the

But I think few people would want to move in the other direction, where
you had to be voted into each package for a subproject.

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