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From "Allen, Michael B (RSCH)" <>
Subject RE: httpclient hangs indefinately
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2002 22:05:58 GMT

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> Incidentally, it doesn't actually hang indefinately, for me it looks like it
> times out after about 3 minutes and 12 seconds.  
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> Well, since the method creates a new Socket object, it is subject
> to the behavior of the Socket class.  Unfortunately, at least as of 1.3,
> attempting to create a new Socket to a host/port combo that does not answer
> blocks indefinately (or at least for a very long time), this can't be
> avoided directly.  (It would be really nice if the JDK provided a Socket
> constructor that took a timeout value to pass to the underlying OS).
	Actually I must confess, I'm sort of trolling. I'm the author of jCIFS
	(the SMB client) and I wanted to know how you addressed this problem. I did
	not know eventually a Connection timed out exception is thrown. This is good
	news. I have done a bit of research elsewhere and found out 1.4 does indeed
	have a timeout parameter for the Socket constructor. Unfortunately that doesn't
	help me because jCIFS still supports 1.1 and it would be a shame to break that.

>   The
> three ways I can think of to avoid it off hand are:
> 	1. Implement a timeout mechanism outside of HttpClient with a
> seperate thread that interrupts the connection attempts.
	Tried and failed. If you look up my ( recent post to you'll see I tested this by trying to interrupt() the
	Socket() calling Thread. The results depend on which jre you're using but both
	end up sticking in Socket() in an interrupted state.

> 	2. Implement a Socket object in the HttpClient framework that uses
> this same sort of mechanism but hides the details behind the API
	With JNI?

> 	3. Use the 1.4 JDK and upgrade everything to use the new channels
> API in non-blocking mode.
	JDK 1.4 has a timeout parameter for Socket().


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