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From Christopher Elkins <>
Subject Re: [lang] NumberRange contribution
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 04:14:46 GMT
On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 10:11:34PM -0500, Henri Yandell wrote:
> Took a second to actually look at the test part of the build script. Why
> is the following in there:
> <property name="junit.home"              value="/usr/local/junit3.7"/>
> with a comment to change it to your local position? This seems a bit of a
> pain to maintain. Everytime I grab an apache build.xml I have to go change
> that to my value?
> There must be a nicer solution, though I admit I could just symlink
> junit3.7 to javalib.
> I guess it's important that a test-run doesn't have lots of other jars
> messing it up, but it also seems messy to either have a localised version
> of junit.jar (and thus many copies), or to hard code in (or mandate) an
> external directory structure.
> I assume I'm missing something :)

The idea behind that is if your local installation of JUnit is somewhere
other than the hard-coded default location, it should be set inside one of
the files sourced on lines 13-15 (since Ant ignores attempts
at variable redefintion).

However, defining default values for _both_ ${junit.home} and ${junit.jar}
in build.xml seems silly given that ${junit.home} is only used in defining
${junit.jar}. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be consolidated,
especially given that the Jakarta "standard" (such as it exists) is to
reference ${foo.jar} in the build file.

Christopher Elkins

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