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From Charles Burdick <>
Subject Re: Commons Util 1.0 release candidate 1
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:46:01 GMT
Looks like we arrived at similar conclusions and sent messages at the
same time.  I think we're on the same page. Comments below.

--- wrote:
> The Utils sub-project would stay where it is as a clearing-hosue for
> miscellaneous small classes without obvious targets and would remain
> in
> the sandbox.
> A handful of classes would vanish or migrate into the
> Commons.Collections
> project:


> A new project called 'lang'. This would contain:

> An already existing project named 'io'. The main developer for this
> (is it
> Scott?) would need to confirm that:


> 1) xml. Currently there's one class here. I plan to add an XmlWriter
> and I
> do have a parser I could add, but as it's not dom/sax etc I see
> little use
> in it being there.

Again, take a look at Xerces and JDom.  They might already suit your
needs, although they are less String-centric.

> 2) http. I imagine this would either go into io or into HttpClient.
> io
> seems most likely as HttpClient has a different goal.

Yeah, those are a little tricky. HttpClient seems like the wrong home,

> Soundex is used by Strings(StringUtil) so it's tempting to send it
> with it
> into Lang.

Hmm. I disagree.  If there is a need for Soundex-related tools, then we
should have a Soundex package.  Personally, I don't know if its
applicability is widespread enough for inclusion in such a general

> GenerateUniqueId is
> pretty much util stuff.

If its primary use is for HTTP, then we should put it wherever the
other http stuff goes.  Otherwise, it could be made slightly more
versatile - configurable-length IDs perhaps?  IO seems like a fine home
in that case.

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