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Subject RE: [httpclient] revised patches:, Reque
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 23:53:32 GMT
On Sun, 17 February 2002, "Waldhoff, Rodney" wrote:

> > AFAIK, the change to print would've broken 
> > existing code compatibility.
> True, although the current behavior:
>   if(s == null) s = "null";
> is a bit quirky, don't you think?

Yes, doesn't look pretty, looks hacky to me.

> I'd be in favor of not allowing null, but just let the s.length() call throw
> the NullPointerException rather than explictly checking for null on each and
> every call.  When a one arg method throws NPE, it's pretty easy to figure
> out what's null.

Isn't this bad coding practice that also affects the code efficiency?


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