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From Lavandowska <>
Subject Re: "dependant" Cache Filter (was [PROPOSAL] commons-filters)
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 19:07:24 GMT

--- wrote:
> Hey Lance,
> ie) readPlant.jsp and readAllPlants.jsp would depend on
> writePlant.jsp. If
> the cache saw a request for writePlant.jsp, it would invalidate
> readPlant.jsp and readAllPlants.jsp. etc etc.

Interesting idea.  Do you have suggestions on how such an organization
would be configured?  Sounds rather messy to be specifying these
"relationships" in web.xml.

> This could then be tied with a servlet that did redirection in a
> configurable way, so that a request could be sent off to another
> site. It

I don't follow this part, why send it off to another site?


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