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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons-sandbox/filters PROPOSAL.html
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 13:22:50 GMT
glenn       02/02/12 05:22:50

  Added:       filters  PROPOSAL.html
  Initial proposal
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-commons-sandbox/filters/PROPOSAL.html
  Index: PROPOSAL.html
  <title>Proposal for Jakarta-Filters</title>
  <body bgcolor="white">
  <div align="center">
  <h1>Proposal for <em>Jakarta-Filters</em></h1>
  <h3>(0) Rationale</h3>
  <p>The Servlet 2.3 specification added the ability to implement Servlet
  Filters for a web application.  By their very nature, filters are small
  reusable components which can be plugged into a web application.  Creating
  a top level Jakarta Project for development and distribution of Servlet
  Filters will encourage reuse and minimize duplication of effort.</p>
  <p>The project will follow the pattern established by the Jakarta-Taglibs
  project to organize the Servlet Filters.</p>
  <h3>(1) Scope of the Package</h3>
  <h3>(1.5) Interaction With Other Packages</h3>
  <p><em>Jakarta-Filters</em> relies on:
    <li>Java Development Kit (Version 1.2 or later)</li>
    <li>Servlet 2.3 API</li>
  <h3>(2) Initial Servlet Filter Contributions</h3>
  <p>The proposed package name for servlet filters is
  <code>org.apache.servlet.filters</code>, with subpackages
  for each filter.</p>
  <p><em>UploadFilter</em> - Handles HTTP POST mime multipart file uploads
  and wraps the current request with a ServletRequestWrapper which includes
  methods for accessing date for the files uploaded. (Rich Catlett)</p>
  <p><em>WorkingFilter</em> - displays "Upgrade in Process" message to anyone
  accessing a url from outside of a configured set of IP addresses.  Not
  sure how widely useful this is, but this allows us to update our code
  and make configuration changes through admin apps without concern for
  users.  The "allowed IPs" lets us operate on the site while it is
  unavailable to visitors. (Lance Lavandowska)</p>
  <p><em>CacheFilter</em> - uses Cache from commons-sandbox to cache response
  arrays.  Configure which directories to *not* cache.  Currently in
  rough state. (Lance Lavandowska)</p>
  <p><em>PerformanceFilter</em> - outputs generation time and lots of other
  over whatever requests it filters. (Serge Knystautas)</p>
  <p><em>JTidyFilter</em> - uses JTidy to clean up the HTML output and dumps
the error
  messages at the bottom of the page. (Serge Knystautas)</p>
  <p><em>RequiresSecureFilter</em> - if request is insecure, invalidates
session and
  redirects to https. (Serge Knystautas)</p>
  <p><em>SynchronizationFilter</em> - ugggly hack... synchronizes everything
so only 1
  request is handled at a time by anything this filter covers. (Serge Knystautas)</p>
  <p><em>ReferrerFilter</em> - simple filter that emails you when someone
  clicked-through to your site from somewhere outside the excludes
  list... could be extended to allow custom actions. (Serge Knystautas)</p>
  <p><em>GZipFilter</em> - fitler equivalent of mod_gzip (Serge Knystautas)</p>
  <p><em>CompressionFilter</em> - gzip compression filter from Tomcat 4.</p>
  <p><em>ExampleFilter</em> - example Servlet 2.3 filter from Tomcat 4.</p>
  <p><em>SetCharacterEncodingFilter</em> - set character encoding filter
from Tomcat 4.</p>
  <p><em>RequestDumperFilter</em> - dumps request information to the context
log from Tocmat 4.</p>
  <h3>(3) Required Jakarta Resources</h3>
  <li>CVS Repository - New CVS repository <code>jakarta-filters</code>.</li>
  <li>Mailing List - Discussions will take place on a new mailing list
  named <em></em>.</li>
  <li>Bugzilla - New product category "Servlet Filters" with components
  configured for each Filter.</li>
  <li>Jyve FAQ - New category "jakarta-filters" (when available).</li>
  <h3>(4) Initial Committers</h3>
  <p>The initial committers for Jakarta-Filters shall be:</p>
    <li>Glenn L. Nielsen</li>
    <li>Rich Catlett</li>
    <li>Craig R. McClanahan</li>
    <li>Serge Knystautas</li>

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