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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject [messenger] patch for working with JBossMQ
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:14:35 GMT
From: "Saimon Moore" <>
> Well I've managed to patch the code up to work with
> JBossMQ.

Great! Thanks Saimon I'll apply these patches now.

> There were two problems:
> 1. When a ConnectionFactory is looked up in JBossNS,
> you get an object
> returned which you have to cast to the appropriate
> object i.e. QueueConnectionFactory or
> TopicConnectionFactory. However, if you test the
> instance, both of the previous are valid.. i.e.
> <code>
> if (factory instanceof TopicConnectionFactory)
> </code>
> will return true even if factory has been previously
> cast to QueueConnectionFactory and vice-versa.
> There is a similar problem when creating the
> Connection. The jboss connection factory returns an
> object that has to be cast
> to either QueueConnection or TopicConnection but
> checking the instance of the connection is not
> sufficient to diferentiate between the two.
> What I did to overcome this is re-implement both
> createConnection() and createSession() from
> SessionFactory in JNDISessionFactory relying on the
> lookup name, to differentiate and correctly create the
> appropriate factories,connections and sessions.

Maybe other providers might do this kinda thing, so maybe we should add a
boolean property to JNDISessionFactory so that it doesn't matter what the
name is in JNDI, we can coerce it into a Topic or Queue connection if the
object implements both interfaces.


<jndi lookupName="TopicConnectionFactory" topic="true">

<jndi lookupName="QueueConnectionFactory" topic="false">

> Anyway, it's working fine now but I'm in the process
> of testing it out with other JMS providers e.g.
> AshnaMQ, and j2eesdk1.3 (By the way...what's the
> protocol used for this i.e. the provider url?)

The existing Messenger.xml in CVS should work fine for j2eesdk - though I
think the JNDI lookup name depends on if you are inside the j2ee server or
not. From memory I think its either TopicConnection (outside) or
java:env/TopicConnection (inside j2ee).


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