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From "Juozas Baliuka" <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] Two way weak hashmap for distributed garbage collection
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:04:29 GMT

It some implementation in simplestore "Cashe", but it is not useful for
distributed GC.
I think there is more trivial way to implement ditributed GC.
1. Client creates Object, server adds reference
   SomeSubConstructor(Server server ){ // internal implementation calls this
   server.addReference();  ++
2. protected void finalize() // GC calls this
                 throws Throwable{
    server.release() ;  --
 this will work without java.lang.ref.*  ;

> Folks,
> I have searched for, but cannot find, a posting in this mail list some
> while ago that offered a "two way hashmap".  We think we might be able
> to use it for distributed garbage collection.
> Background : AltRMI creates a clientside stub for each server side
> facade reference in use.  On the client side this is two hash maps.  One
> allowing lookup of instance based on reference key (a Long at the
> moment), and one that allows the reverse lookup.  I'd like to move to
> some better design that will allow the client side garbage collector (I
> am on about the one built into the JVM) to allow purges from the map.
>  Clearly we need to move to an impl based on Weak References and also to
> an impl that is more efficient that to mutually pointing hashmaps.
> Once that purging map were in place the clientside factory could
> invisibly communicate back to the server which references were no longer
> used by a session.  Thus in some stuttering nature, the distributed
> garbage collection works.
> Does anyone know where that hash map impl is?  Did it get combined into
> commons-collections?
> - Paul
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