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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject [betwixt] customising the XML output is now working
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:29:21 GMT
I've just committed more changes to betwixt which support an XML descriptor
which can be used to customize the XML output of specific types of beans.
I've tried to allow the XML descriptor document to be small and brief -
specifying only the things that need to be changed rather than repeating
information that the default introspector can figure out for itself.

This means that now betwixt can be used to generate RSS output for the beans
used in the RSSDigester from the Digester project. i.e. that betwixt can be
the logical opposite of digester, can turn the beans digester makes back
into XML again using configurable rules.

There's a brief overview of the customizing file in CVS here.

I've added a JUnit test case called TestRSSRoundTrip which tests parsing an
RSS document using Digester, then outputting it as XML then parsing it again
using Digester - to check that no loss of information occurs and that the
round trip returns the same XML. This is now working :).

I'm sure over time this customization mechanism can be enhanced to allow
more flexible mapping of a bean to XML though right now I think its a
reasonable start at common customization use cases.


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