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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject [httpclient] Request For Enhancement
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:11:03 GMT
I'd like to use http-commons as the client side of a web services
application. To do this I need to use PostMethod to send text/xml from a
stream and then read the response.

I know I can override PutMethod to do the send but a) this seems like a
kludge b) seems un-necessary as this should be part of PostMethod and c)
PutMethod doesn't seem to return the body to me (I'm about to
investigate the source to see if this is the case).

So I have an RFE. Would it be possible to add support to PostMethod to
send data other than as a set of query strings/parameters. Ideally it
would work like HttpURLConnection where I could stream the data,
PostMethod would calculate the length, set the Content-Length header and
then send the data.

If this is already in the pipeline, great. If not (and nobody is looking
at this) could somebody point out any pitfalls I'd have adding this code
to PostMethod,

Kevin Jones

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