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From "Juozas Baliuka" <>
Subject Re: [simplestore] hello, where is the problem? [was: RE: cvs commit: jakarta-commons-sandbox/simplestore/src/sample/org/apache/commons/simplestore/persistence]
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 13:39:02 GMT
I see it is very hard to understand me.
My vision about simplestore ( simplestore is my priority at this time):
1. We will implement very trivial but powerful interface to put object and
     and get object by key. we can add "remove by key". Priority is
performance and "simple". Memory works at this time and I think we don't
need "stable stores" in this project, they can be examples to show power of
trivial code.
2. Implement very realistic O/R example, it can be a place to start real O/R
3. Reuse ideas and code for projects like Coccon and EOB.

> Juozas,
> this one will be a bit emotional.
> >From: Juozas Baliuka []
> >
> >I am very new in Apache and don't know rooles. I tried to use this style
> >from existing code. I Think license is not the main problem in my code.
> >I see I must to fix code formating and naming first.
> No problem dude, I can fix that license issue. Code formating is nice,
> but it is not our prime problem!
> >I have some ideas for collections. We done reachebility management in
> >simplestore. Ideas can be reused for "soft pool" implementation.
> >It has meaning for Lists :
> > users code :
> >
> > List myList = CollectionUtils.getPooledList();
> > ......list  operation....
> >// no need to return list to pool GC will do this then object becomes
> >unreacheble.
> >
> >This can be used for more generic pools, but this is the most trivial
> >example to understand.
> >Lists created by "CollectionUtils" will be reused in very transparent
> >It can be useful if application uses a lot of arrays or lists implemented
> >on arrays, it because memory allocation for "Large" array is very
> >and this operation can be "cached". SoftValueMap can be implemented this
> >way, no need to have "public void purge()".
> >Collections are used in core parts and they must be very "fast" to have
> >quality. I see a lot of optimizations for collections.
> Nice.
> >I have "karma" on commons but I think it is by mistake. My "Karma" was
> >simplestore in "sandbox" only, but it seems I have "Karma" on commons
too. I don't want
> >to commit anything  withaut "+1" on commons at this time.
> Argh Juozas, that's normal. When you get commit rights in commons-sandbox
> have automatic commit rights to the other projects too. Same as I. And
> no discussion, that we must show respect to the codebase of the other
> Voting is the normal way, to change things in every project.
> read the guidelines.
> If you don't wanna have commit rights in the commons project, then please
> that to and he will remove you. But you have to say it
loud and
> clear!
 Yes, it is not a problem

> >Most of projects in commons are dependant on some project in commons.
> >It is good, we have a lot of "smal" projects in commons, sandbox, but I
> >think it is too mucth "good". Commons can become SourceForge, think about
> >this. Commiters or some advanced users can find useful ideas and code in
> >commons, but not all users. May be, I wrong understand commons and
sandbox ideas ?
> >It is not product, is it ?
> Juozas did you read <>? It's
> that maybe the code is a little bit hidden for the normal users. But
Apache is
> not Sourceforge and we have to live with that.

> Honestly Juozas I have a little problem with you. I proposed you as
> for commons-sandbox, because I believe your are a good developer with
great ideas.
> I changed my mind for the simplestore project modul, to make place for
your aims.
> But your mind is changing every day. Some day you say right, the other day

I am trying to say the same, I want to say simplestore is good for commons,
this O/R mapping can be "project" not sample. It is not abaut commons, It is

> One day something with Jakarta Commons is bad, the other day the whole
> development is strange, and so one... Could we please stop this (being a
 I will try to say more abaut code next time, it is code and it is nothing
"bad" or "good"

> When you don't have time I understand this, but then say it loud and
clear. When
> you don't like it any more, then say it loud and clear. When you have a
other ideas,
> then say it loud and clear.
> I know language is problem for you, but I give the advise to write short
> accurate sentences and at least check your typos in your emails!
> English is not my natural language too, I'm german. Sometimes I would like
> write contributions here in german to express myself clear. But that's not
> and english is ruling here. That's it.
> Juozas make up your mind, think about your effort here and to simplestore,
stay kool
> and _most important_ have fun here. It's a great opportunity, believe me!
Yes, I know.
> Last but not least:
> "verba volant, scripta manent (discussions get forgotten, just code
>   ~Gerhard
> "Nowadays we would first land a CNN crew, put up a COLOR camera
> and ask Mr. Armstrong to come outside and make a jump for mankind..."
> --
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