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From "Juozas Baliuka" <>
Subject Re: [simplestore] alt. not JDBC Storage and AccessControl [was: AccessControl]
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 16:34:18 GMT
Do you read JAAS documentation ?
I recomend to do it, it well documented and has examples.
Don't understand me wrong, It is very good to implement Acl
and it is possible to reuse Acl implementation for JAAS
based security implementation.
> Juozas, 
> >As I understand you are working on security.
> ;) I try. Some questions:
> Acl => List which holds to each Principal a Set of AclEntry's
> AclEntry => entry in an Access Control List 
> Permission => used to grant a particular type of access 
> to a resource
> Principal => used to represent any entity, such as an 
> individual, a corporation, and a login id.
> For me the Acl is a simple Hashmap, which holds for each
> Prinicpal a Set of AclEntry's. Key is the Principal and
> value is a Set of AclEntry's.
> There are two AclEntry with one READ and one WRITE Permission.
> In our case each Acl contains ony one AclEntry for an Principal,
> either READ or WRITE .

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