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From "Morgan Delagrange" <>
Subject [COLLECTIONS] [VOTE] Begin official preparation for Collections 2.0
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:50:41 GMT
Hi all,

Before I check in classes that totally break 1.x compatibility, I think I
should create a branch in CVS for future 1.x version(s) (bug fixes and
such).  This was actually included in the original HOWTO-RELEASE document in
Taglibs, but somehow it never made it into the Commons version.  I've quoted
the relevant portion from Taglibs at the end of this email.

So, I propose that we copy the current HEAD version of Collections to a
branch called "collections-1.x" (or something similar) in preparation for
additional 2.0 activity.

- Morgan


(See section 1.1 for the definition of a "Major" release.)  Let's assume
the current release of your tag library is 2.0.4, but you want to start work
on 3.0.  Here are the steps you would take to start working on the new

  1) Make an announcement on taglibs-dev
  2) Create a branch called rel2 in CVS for the entire tag library,
     which will preserve the currently released version
  3) Continue work for the 3.0 release on the MAIN branch

Once the 3.0 version is ready for release to the public, you would do this:

  1) Call a release vote on taglibs-dev
  2) After receiving approval, build the release jar and place it on the

The version 3 release is the main trunk of the CVS tree.  However, versions
2 and 1 will still be available on other branches (rel2 and rel1), if other
releases of that version prove necessary.

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