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From "Juozas Baliuka" <>
Subject Re: [simplestore] ToDo
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:52:46 GMT

> Juozas,
> JB>TODO for sample :
> JB>1. Add OIDGenerator interface and default impl.
> JB>OID interface to generate a unique ObjectID. The
> JB>implementation can be Random, Auto-Increment, s.o.
> Ahh ok now I understand ;-). Maybe something I can
> pick up.
> JB>2. Add a mapping interface and a default impl of "MetaClass".
> JB>I will implement this. Default will be "by method name",
> JB>we can add XML descriptors later.
> Kool
> JB>3. Add relations. The same as for 2. validators. To
> JB>abort transactions and report errors, if some value
> JB>is invalid. This is also class metadata.
> This I don't understand...
> JB>4. Remove method "convert" from Proxy, add a converter
> JB>interface and a default impl. Separate "converter" and
> JB>"object state"! Also "MetaObject" is not a very good name.
> JB>Better would be something like "PersistentObjectState" (vs.
> JB>"StateManager in JDO").
> Ok that shouldn't be that problem.
> JB>5. Add PersitenceManager and PersitenceManagerFactory
> JB>interfaces and default impl. This is trivial.
> Oh nice something for me ;-)
> JB>6. Implement a rollback method for SoftRefMemoryStore
> JB>in TransactionImpl. Not tested yet, but it's trivial
> JB>just clone and copy.
> Ok, your words in gods ear.
> JB>7. Add synchronization  of transaction (Listeners) methods
> JB>and transaction state Constants to the Transaction
> JB>interface. No implementation so far only interface definitions
> JB>like in JTA.
> Ok. You're the expert here.
> JB>8. Make Proxy more abstract, to add interceptors for security and
> JB>distributed objects. Trivial, add a parameter "List of interceptors".
> JB>Interceptor implements "InvocationHandler".
 we will add then to metadata
> Aha.
> JB>9. Finders (I have no good ideas about finders at this time), but no
> JB>Some procedure name at this time.
> What do you exactly mean with finders. Find objects?
> JB>10. Add suport for class instances (ByteCode generation and "*.class"
> JB>transformations). I think this is optional.
> Ohh BCEL would be an option, but the community their sucks. Zero traffic
> the mailing list. You don't get any help from that dudes. Am I right Paul
I have this code and I think it is very good and clear, but I think it is
beter to generate some
ASM for java and compile it in memory.
> JB>11. Some limited implementation for JDO interfaces, because this is
> JB>close to JDO.
> Sama as #7
> GF>Ok much stuff...could we split this a little bit, like first this,
> GF>that?
> GF>1. cleanup code
> GF> This is 98% done so far.
> 99% ;)
> GF> 2. move this stuff maybe in a seperate package, like
> GF> org.apache.commons.simplestore.cache
> GF> org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence
> GF> org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence.jdbc
> GF> org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence. ...
We will need pool for arrays, I dont know trivial and good implementation,
 it is very trivial to implement (the Same as "Swap" and "Reacheble")
> GF>
> GF> This implies, that org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence is very
> GF> generic and the sub-packages are more specific impl for that.
> GF>
> GF> 3. starting with your points.
> GF> maybe first with #5, #4, #2 and #8
> >Ok.
> Ok then I'll move this sample stuff "as is" in to the
> main package!
Yes, this sample become too mutch advanced for demo.
> interfaces under:
>   <org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence>
> and implementation (maybe with Defaultxxx.class) under:
>   <org.apache.commons.simplestore.persistence.impl>
> Or should give them some more meaningful name as impl?
> Where should we put this JDBC stuff?
> Same for the cache, of course!
I don have ideas abaut this :) Datasource implementation is incorrect, but
it has  good performance on PostgreSQL, because driver implements pool
itself .... .

> BTW: Could please adapt the Jakarta coding style. Just look
> in the other projects how they format code. I now that's
> a PITA but necessary. TIA.
Ok, I will try ( I use NetBeans formater, but I know there are more command
line "Auto Formaters" in SourceForge )

>   ~Gerhard
> "Anything awful makes me laugh.
> I misbehaved once at a funeral..."
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