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From "Aaron Smuts" <>
Subject RE: commons dbcp or pool problems
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 02:42:39 GMT

> But in a production environment where I host the applications, not
> them, I don't want to be called at 2PM on a Sunday to reboot the app
> server
> if a customer's application stops working because their bad code
> their db connection pool.
> I really think this feature is important.  If you don't need it, don't
> enable it.
In my current project we have somewhere close to a million lines of
code.  Problems popup.  We made resource management magical.  We inspect
the returning thread of each request and make sure that it has released
its resources.  We can handle bad code (which does happen when you are
moving fast).  

We found that we had to have an option to turn off the background
connection reaper for standalone applications that need connections for
extended periods of time and we came up with another solution.  

 . . .


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