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From "Aaron Smuts" <>
Subject RE: Note - aaron smuts added as committer to sandbox
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:11:58 GMT

I brought JCS (Java Caching System) to turbine-stratum.  JCS is a
distributed caching system that uses the strategy pattern found in log4j
to allow for the addition of configurable plugins.  

JCS relies on its own limited utility package which I would like to
replace with commons utilities where possible.

I have an LRU based on a LRU memory cache plugin that I would like to
add to commons.  

The JCS has many auxiliaries that resemble some proposed or rough
commons classes.

I'm primarily interested in creating commons utilities that could be
made into auxiliary caches and copying, if not moving, some of the
auxiliaries into commons code.

In the coming weeks I hope to add an indexed disk package, pulled from
JCS and the LRU I discussed earlier which I have already added to

In my more ambitious phases I plan to build a LFU map implementation to
use as a memory cache plugin.  I would also like to work on a socket
based token ring system to use for locking in JCS.  These features have
broader usage outside of JCS.  I think that JCS will eventually warrant
becoming a top level project since it as discrete as log4j, but it will
have heavy dependences on the commons instead of the reverse. . . .  

If other projects would off load the reusable aspects of their code to
commons we would all have better tools to work with.  I've have the
unfortunate need to pull classes out of other projects, such as the
thread pool from tomcat, in order to stabilize the dependencies.  If
this utility had originally been part of commons, it would have saved me
some time and trouble.  Top level projects should not have to worry
about the stability of their utilities and ideally should not have to
build what commons should provide.



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> Subject: Note - aaron smuts added as committer to sandbox
> Aaron is a committer in Jakarta Turbine.  I will ask him to introduce
> himself here.
> As there is no formal process for this, in the future I will always
> any
> jakarta committer that I add to sandbox to say a quick hello.
> geir
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