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From "Michael A. Smith" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-commons-sandbox/io PROPOSAL.html RELEASE-NOTES.txt STATUS.html build.xml
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:53:51 GMT
On 25 Jan 2002 wrote:
>   Index: PROPOSAL.html
>   ===================================================================
>   <li>Mailing List - Discussions will take place on the general
>       <em></em> mailing list.  To help
>       list subscribers identify messages of interest, it is suggested that
>       the message subject of messages about this component be prefixed with
>       [IO].</li>

Shouldn't that be

>   <p>The initial committers on the BeanUtils component shall be Scott Sanders
>   and ???(Your name here)</p>

Shouldn't that be "IO" rather than "BeanUtils"?  ;)


p.s. If I don't see a cvs commit fixing these by late this evening, I'll
submit a patch -- I just don't have the environment setup while at work.

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