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From <>
Subject Re: More abuse of coding styles...
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 14:48:37 GMT
> Sigh. That isn't the argument. The argument is about following what
> conventions we do have. It could be about coding, voting policies,
> whatever...if people ignore the rules, then we shouldn't bother having rules
> at all.

I'm going through exactly this situation in my new employment. One great
reasoning for ignoring the coding convention:

"Sun don't obey their coding convention internally. "

It seems to me to be a similar reason for why open source Java should use
the Apache licence. It's the biggest fish we have to be a littler fish in
other seas. My view on the OS Java world has been that the Apache
licenced software is in the majority, would be nice to do the maths
and see if that's true.

Arguing and fragmenting the 'standard' will cause the effectiveness of
the community to fail, which is a shame as Sun's conventions, when obeyed,
do create relatively homogenous code.


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