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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Commons Validator Packaging/Content
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 01:48:57 GMT
Jon Scott Stevens wrote:
>> Sigh.  Last month, I was saddened by the following:
> What is sad about that?
>And john mcnally worked to bring it up to date in the last is
>getting closer. If people worked together instead of coming up with their
>own stuff every week maybe stuff would get finalized and released.

We have a code base that is integrated with torque and deficient.  We also
have a commons dbcp which is decoupled and available.  If I was a
benevelent despot, I know which code base I would issue a stop work order

>> This month, I am saddened by someone using his -1 to block progress towards
>> contributing a reusable and independent code base to the commons.
> You forgot 'duplicated'.

Sunk costs.  Blame the prior management.  I don't care.

Again, all I know is that at this point in time, we have an available and
decoupled commons component.  And people presumably continuing to invest in
a turbine specific version.  One for which no volunteers have been
identified as being interested in making it reusable and independent.

>> You want to know how management decisions are made?  We have a person
>> volunteering to do the work based on the struts code base.  Unless there is
>> a better offer out there, I see a rather easy management decision to make.
>> And that is coming from someone who tends towards non-intervention.
> However, good management knows what resources to allocate to what
> responsibilities.
> This issue stems all the way back to the Tomcat3 vs. Tomcat4 discussions.
> Why is it a good thing to have half of the people working on T3 and half on
> T4? Why not combine the *limited* resources towards working on one common
> codebase?

Open source doesn't work that way.  You tell volunteers what to work on and
before you know it, you have *less* people resources than you did before.

I am very much interested in reducing barriers which prevent people from
working on components in commons.  Any suggestions on how we redirect
Turbine resources to make this happen?  You know that team better than I
do.  If not, are you listening Jason?

- Sam Ruby

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