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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: [simplestore] enhancements (was: [simplestore] inital check in)
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:33:02 GMT


>>Hi don't be offended. I don't wanna make you quit. But I'm not clear
>>about your picture about that projcet, thats all.
>>With waste of time I mean I wanna code. A opinion is always nice to have
>>but working on code is much better ;).
>>But let community decide
>>My personal opinion is, that IoC is the point of view in the Cocoon
>>We don't displace the caching to some propritär browser or something
>>that's IMO really bad design! You know how much differences between
>>In the IoC pattern we want to control this and therefore caching or
>>or reference managing is a server issue (as I said IMHO). How about FOP!
>>do you want to control this on the client side. What do you do when
>>are turning of caching on the client side. What do you do with dynamic
>>like XSP,jsp etc... They arn't cached.
>>It's all about system resources on the server (CPU,IO,Memory,etc) and you
>>that's a problem with Java!
>>Ok you say the JVM gc is perfect , ok maybe. But I can't buy anything
>>when my IO is high and the CPU is on 99%.
>>(And as I said Cocoon is not only a Servlet. You can use it standalone
>>What do you make then?)

>Every thing is possible :) it is possible to disable some optimizations,
>some optimizations can be mapped to specific

yeah right!

>URL pattern like *.gif ... , some delegated for OS some for Container ....
>, some can be implemented. There are a lot of good ways in some cases and
>bad in some cases.
>I can't optimize Cocoon, but I can make you to think about this  and help
>in some cases then I competent.

What you can't help. Grep the code base and dive in ;). There are lot of
things to do!

>In all cases I can be wrong, but if you prove it you project will be
>better, It will be very good for me to :)


>I want to start using Cocoon, I have a lot information ( believe me ).
>By example FOP is useful for all my projects, users want to print content,
>want to view in browser the same ... .
>I need content to be dynamic, I need performance and I need to save
>resources .... .
>But it I think it is not very good to wait If I can help ... .

That's right!

>The are a lot of good Open Source projects and I like them: Apache Server,
>JBoss,  Tomcat, Struts, Cocoon, FreeBSD ...
>This is the last message about "Why I don't like Cocoon" :)

Agree and it's not part of this project!


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