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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: AltRMI Tasks if anyone want to take them
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 10:27:48 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
>> >>One doesn't tend to find alternators for Dodge Caravans at a Ford
>> >>dealership.
>> >
>> > Any color you like .... ;-)
>> .. as long as it is black.  ;-)
>> Excellent reply.  It touches on one of the significant (IMHO) differences
>> between commons and avalon.  It is a different point than the one I was
>> going after (the difference between an auto parts store and the parts
>> counter at a car dealership), but a good point nevertheless.
> No idea about cars but I assume this translates roughly into "You are free to
> choose anyway you want ... as long as you choose my way?". Can you say irony?

Me thinks you got this backwards.  The only "parts" sold at the "Avalon"
dealership are ones that fit into Avalon chasis.  I'm sure that this would
make Henry Ford proud.  By contrast, the "commons" sells parts that fit
into multiple frameworks.  And commons is not even opposed to selling parts
that compete with each other.

> Theres one simple way to get avalon committers to shift across the majority
> of excalibur into commons. Make commons actually follow the Apache idea of
> pushing down power. How many times have I heard you say thats how things
> should run. Funny you have no objection to commons though, eh?
> Make the only people who get voting rights on a component those who
> contribute to it. Fits in with the "Apache style" if that still matters
> anymore.
> I have been stymied by "committers" who vetoed things but had never done
> anywork and never intended doing any work on something. It aint something I
> am not willing to invite again.

As near I I can tell, the charter of commons in this area is identical to
the charter of avalon.  A committer to avalon-any is a committer to
avalon-all.  I believe that I am even a committer to myrmidon.

Let me let you in on a little secret about how things run around here.  By
virtue of the right to fork, nothing is ever blocked.  You don't like how
Ant is currently structured?  Write myrmidon.  I can't guarantee that you
will ever attract a community, but you won't be stymied.

- Sam Ruby

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