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From "Andy Olliver" <>
Subject RE: Jdbc2pool
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 21:11:29 GMT

I must apologise - I have been trying out 2 different pooling
implementations - the 'Ewin Connection Pool', and 'DBCP'.
Ewin always breaks on me when trying to write serialised objects to MS SQL
DBCP does as it should with all the SQL I use, but shows interesting
characteristics under load with MS SQL - openning and closing 100
connections from the pool is no faster than trying it without the pool. With
MySQL I see a factor of x5 difference. (- data below).

Is there any obvious reason for this that I am missing.
With the Ewin pool I see great speed improvements for the same test, but run
into other problems.

Andy Olliver

Test: Open and Close connection x 100:

without pool: 1030 ms
with pool: 1005
driver = com.inet.tds.TdsDriver
validation query = null

without pool: 880 ms
with pool: 170
driver =
validation query = null
similar results also with ODBC bridge.

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From: Randy Speh []
Sent: 16 January 2002 18:57
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List;
Subject: Re: Jdbc2pool

Just curious,
What do you mean when you say it doesn't support all
the SQL you are using?

Randy Speh

--- Andy Olliver <> wrote:
> Here are some small changes to the files of
> jakarta-sandbox-jdbc2pool to
> correct the old package name - I can only read from
> CVS, so here is a zip of
> changed files.
> I started off using DBCP, but it doesn't seem to
> support all the SQL I am
> using, so perhaps this alternative will help.

> If so I will look to create the necessary factory
> classes to integrate with
> Tomcat 4 (unless someone has done this already..)
> I believe all classes in this project should now
> belong to:
> org.apache.commons.jdbc2pool
> not
> org.apache.commons.torque
> I am hoping to do some testing on this solution,
> should I be creating a test
> package:
> test.apache.commons.jdbc2pool for any usefull test
> classes?
> Andy

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