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From Rey Francois <>
Subject RE: Commons Validator Packaging/Content
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 12:40:05 GMT
This Intake component is quite interesting. If I had known of its existence
about half a year ago I may have inspired myself or even reused it instead
of developing my own validation/conversion/mapping framework.

In any case, I now have this framework that I think is quite relevant to all
these discussions in the commons list. I've already "published" the mapper
framework on Ted Husted's resource site (see and some of you may remember
a few postings about it. 

Because I see so much discussion about a validation framework, about Intake,
and competing implementations in the sandbox, I'm also starting to itch: I'd
like to put this mapper framework in the sandbox so that more people can see
it and judge it. Let me give a few bullet points about it:
- it's a validate/convert/transfer framework: it can take values from one
object, validate/convert them, and transfer the resulting values into
another object
- it can do all this or just a little (e.g. just validation) very easily, in
one go or step by step (e.g. step1: validate; step2: convert; step3:
transfer; with user control between each step).
- XML configuration: mappers, mappings, converters, validators, validation
rules, getters & setters, etc. are defined in one or more XML config file.
- it is HTTP and Struts independent: it only depends on the PropertyUtils,
Digester, JavaCC, JUnit, ...
- it is used in production within a Struts web application: it handles all
form validation, all backend request population, and all mappings of backend
results to presentation beans.
- more info and download on,
and in the included HTML file.

This framework IMHO is of good quality, but I never bothered "promoting" it
by creating a web site for it. Since it was made downloadable from Ted's
site, I received a few mails, both on the list and personally, from people
using this framework asking me questions. So it is used out there, but it's
usage is very limited compared to David's validator component. 

Making it available in the sandbox would make it more visible, would allow
others to participate in its evolution, and would also provide a "healthy"
competition to the validation framework business.

Anybody out there supporting the submission of this mapper framework in the


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From: Ted Husted []
Sent: 07 January 2002 02:42
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: Commons Validator Packaging/Content

Jon Scott Stevens wrote:
> That is my question. Why doesn't David work towards integrating Intake
> Struts instead of working on pulling what is duplicated from Struts out
> Commons? The answer is is David's itch to scratch and it is
> simplest thing for him to do. That is the current failure of Jakarta in my
> eyes. Jakarta has become no better than Sourceforge. It is a place where
> can dump your least common denominator.
> Instead of Struts working to use Turbine code and then move it into
> Struts came up with their own validation framework, made it stable in
> land and is now dumping it into Commons. There is a complete lack of
> communication there.

Yes, we recognized that last year, and so created the Commons. At that
time, David's framework already existed. Learning the lessons of
Turbine, we decided not to integrate into Struts, and left it as a
free-standing component. (It was created that way from the beginning.)

David has already done the work. At this point, the duplication of
effort would be making Intake a free standing component. If someone
wants to do that, and donate it to the Commons, I think that would be
great,  especially since the Commons specifically provides for
competiting implementations. 

-- Ted Husted, Husted dot Com, Fairport NY USA.
-- Building Java web applications with Struts.
-- Tel +1 585 737-3463.
-- Web

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