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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: JJAR (aka Car 54), Where Are You? [Was: Re: Commons Conventions in new Sandbox Projects]
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 20:43:27 GMT
On 1/22/02 3:30 PM, "Craig R. McClanahan" <> wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> Fixed, I copied the build file from JJAR.
> This reminds me of a separate issue ... there's several sandbox packages
> that haven't been touched for a while, and JJAR (along with CJAN) are two
> that have periodically been high on peoples's "boy, we really need this"
> lists.  What's the current state of the world w.r.t. some sort of
> automated repository for different versions of project JAR files?  Gump
> does great for giving me the HEAD-branch code -- but what if I want to
> declare dependencies on specific versions of all my external JARs?

You can do that with the Gump descriptors, I have started with many of the
turbine projects. I also have a little tool, based on the ant <get> task,
that will read a dependency list (that I originally created with the gump
descriptors, but honestly lately I've been updating it by hand) and download
the jars from a repository for your users. The tool obeys timestamps and
will work through proxies.

> Craig
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Jason van Zyl

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